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  • Chinese Language Lessons for Beginners
    Chinese Language Lessons for Beginners 2018-06-11 China Launches Multimedia Chinese Course for Chinese Beginners The Confucius Institute Headquarter(Hanban) and the Confucius Institute of China Radio International have jointly developed the multimedi...
  • Best Chinese Classes for Adults
    Best Chinese Classes for Adults 2018-05-28 When learning a new language, first of all, we should have a general understanding of the language, so the first course of each new Chinese training program is to give the students the basic knowledge...
  • Business Mandarin Courses
    Business Mandarin Courses 2018-05-26 Business Chinese Elementary LevelIn the basic business mandarin courses in our school, students can learn most of the subjects that are related to life and work in China. Students are required to mas...
  • Chinese Classes for Adults
    Chinese Classes for Adults 2018-05-25 Chinese Training Courses for Adults Enrolment Object: Foreigners who are living and working in ChinaTextbook: Books about the topics of daily life and business are selectedTeaching Objective: Learners...
  • Ancient Chinese Culture
    Ancient Chinese Culture 2018-05-25 According to chronological division, China entered modern society after the Opium War in 1840. Based on this, before 1840, it was called ancient China. The culture originated and developed during the ...
  • How to Learn Chinese
    How to Learn Chinese 2018-05-24 Here are some suggestions about how to learn Chinese for foreigners.1. Learn some basic vocabulary. When you learn a language, the first thing to do is to memorize some simple and important words and ...
  • Chinese Summer Camp Preview
    Chinese Summer Camp Preview 2018-05-22 Summer Camp is coming. Thai pupils will come to the KCEL in October to learn Chinese language and Chinese culture。 Do you want to join?
  • Basic Business Chinese Vocabulary To Learn
    Basic Business Chinese Vocabulary To Learn 2018-05-16 If you are looking forward to doing business in China with Chinese people, firstly you need to know some business chinese. Here list you some basic business chinese vocabulary: 1.公司company 2.市场mar...
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