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1. Does KCEL offer student visa?
- Yes, KCEL helps student visa issued to all eligible students.

2. Can I obtain student visa before I come to Kunming? What documents I should provide for visa application?
- We could provide you the JW202 form, which is a temporary visa that allows you to enter China. For the JW202 form, you need to pay 800RMB registration fee. The payment method is specified on the JW202 application form. Once you arrive at Kunming, we can help you convert your temporary visa into student visa

3. How long does it take to process the JW202 form?

- It takes at least ONE MONTH to process JW202 form. Once the processing finishes, we will send the JW202 form to you by mail. It is advised that you apply for JW202 form at least 45 DAYS before your planned entry. Please make sure the mailing address you provide on the application form is valid.

4. For how long will the student visa be valid?

- It depends on your program length. If you enroll in an one-semester program and provide valid proof of tuition payment, you will be issued a six-month visa.

5. If my visa expires, and I want to continue my study and enroll in a new program, do I need to apply for a new visa?

- No, you do not need to apply for a new student visa. Instead, we can help you apply for extending your student visa.

6. Do I need to stay outside of China after I submit the applications of visa extension?

- No. But you need to submit the application at least one week before your visa expiration date.

Is it possible to work in China on a student visa?
No, it is not possible to legally work in China on a student visa. A student visa, also known as an X visa, is intended for foreign nationals who are coming to China to study at a Chinese educational institution. The primary purpose of the X visa is for education, not employment.
If you wish to work in China, you will need to obtain a work visa, also known as a Z visa. To obtain a Z visa, you will need to have a job offer from a Chinese employer, and you will need to provide a range of supporting documents, including your passport, a completed visa application form, and a work permit issued by the Chinese government.
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