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Kunming College of Eastern Language
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  • Short Term Intensive Chinese Immersion Program
    Short Term Intensive Chinese Immersion Program 2018-04-21 This program can be started at ANYTIME, you can customize your own study schedule. If you missed our new semester start time, or want to study for just a short period of time, this program is just designed for you. We provide accommodation with extra fee.
  • VIP Chinese Immersion Program
    VIP Chinese Immersion Program 2018-04-21 KCEL provides 24hrs Chinese language immersion program, which is designed for people who have business or study purpose that needs to grasp Chinese in a very short time. There will be different teachers accompany you and talk Chinese with you all day.
  • 《国际汉语教师证书》认证考试培训
    《国际汉语教师证书》认证考试培训 2018-04-10 Curriculum Introduction: Yunnan International Chinese Language Teacher Training Center is the only unit authorized by the Confucius Institute Headquarters(Hanban) for training, examinations and relate...
  • Summer Intensive Chinese Program
    Summer Intensive Chinese Program 2018-04-10 KCEL's Chinese summer camp intensifies the curriculum to create a good language environment for students to improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in the short term. The intensive Chinese training camp allows students to immerse the
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