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X1 Visa & Scholarship Program (March 2023)
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X1 Visa & Scholarship Program (March 2023)


Admission Brochure for Kunming College of Eastern Language and Culture.


KCEL has started to recruit overseas students in 2023.

For specific enrollment information, please refer to the following:

一、招生类别 Program General Introduction:

  1. 语言学习生,申请一年汉语学习可办理X1签证,全年招生;

Chinese Language student: Students who apply for one year of Chinese study can apply for the X1 visa, and the program enrolls students throughout the year

  1. 专业本科生,有英语教学和中文教学。报名时间为2023年3月-2023年6月;入学时间为2023年9月.


For undergraduate majors students, the program includes English teaching and Chinese teaching. The application time is March 2023-June 2023; the admission time is September 2023

Note: Applicants who need to apply for scholarships need to apply before March 20th, 2023

**二、招生对象 Who can apply?:**除非洲以外留学生。年龄18-45岁。

International students between the ages of 18 and 45, except for African students.

**三. 学习地点 Place to study:**昆明 Kunming, Yunnan, China

**学习形式 Teaching Method:**线下教学 Offline

四、费用 Fees

1、申请费 Application fee:800 RMB。

2、学费 Tuition fee:


Chinese Language student: Tuition fee is 10,000 RMB per year

2)专业生:实际学费10000元/年(学费:22000 元/生/年,学校减免:12000 元/生/年。)

Undergraduate majors students: The current tuition fee is 10,000 RMB per year, which is calculated based on a tuition fee of 22,000 yuan per student per year, with a school reduction of 12,000 yuan per student per year.


Accommodation fee: 1,800 RMB a year (A four-bedroom suite shared with other students)

五、申请资料 Application materials

1、留学生申请信息表, Fill in the application form

2、护照首页 Provide a copy of the page of your passport that includes your passport number, first and last name, and issue and expiry dates.

3、最新签证页 The newest visa


(照片参照格式:彩色2寸免冠证件照,白色背景无边框,头部占照片尺寸的2/3,照片尺寸不低于320*240像素,高宽比为4:3, 大小为100-500KB,JPG格式)

Two photos taken within 3 months (Photo requirements: 2-Inch ID photo、White background、Pixels are not less than 320 * 240、The aspect ratio is 4:3、The size is 100-500 KB、JPG format)

5、高中毕业证 Secondary or High school diploma(certificates)

6、高中成绩 Highschool transcripts

7、体检证明 Medical certificate

8、无犯罪录 Non-Criminal Record or Police Clearance

六、办理流程 Application Process

1、提交申请材料 Submit application materials

2、交报名费 Pay the fee


Once you pass the preliminary screening, you must pay the tuition fee for one year (10,000 RMB) in advance before submitting the 202 form. If your application is unsuccessful, you will receive a refund of the tuition fee, but the application fee (800 RMB) will not be refunded.

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X1 Visa & Scholarship Program (March 2023)