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大家好,我是来自日本的村田厚子。我在昆明东方语言文化学校学校中级综合课程。在这个学期里我学到了很多知识,还认识了很多好朋友。我的班级有四位同学,都来自不同的国家。老师像朋友一样和我们相处,课的内容也很有意思。在休息的时间,还可以在学校打打乒乓球。学校还有很多有趣的课外活动,例如端午节包粽子、byebye party等等。
Hello, I'm 村田厚子 from Japan. I am studying in the intermediate comprehensive course at Kunming collage eastern Language and culture. In this semester, I learned a lot of knowledge, and also met many good friends. There are four classmates in my class, all from different countries. Teachers are friends with us, and the content of the class is very interesting. We are very happy to learn together. In the time of rest, you can also play ping-pong at school. There are many interesting extracurricular activities, such as wrapped zongzi in Dragon Boat Festival、byebye party and so on.

This semester has been very fast, but I am very happy.
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