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Business Chinese
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Business Chinese

Small Class & One-on-One Business Mandarin Course; Student Visa Provided

Many students find the business Chinese courses are very difficult, they always think they can not successfully overcome the business Chinese class. But the idea is nothing more than a kind of conventional wisdom, as the Chinese saying goes,'You need to fight the war before you lost the war'. For business mandarin lessons, foreign students should not take an evasive attitude, the right approach should be to understand its content, and make your own study plan. Most of the purpose of conducting business Chinese courses is to communicate with Chinese employees on a daily basis, or to trade with Chinese companies on a commercial basis, so foreigners want to study business Chinese, first of all, we need to have a certain daily Chinese basis, to eliminate the psychological barriers to making mistakes in speaking Chinese, and to proceed from the actual point of view and step by step. It is important to note that Business Mandarin courses are not just about obtaining certificates, but as an employment skill, or a language skill, Chinese learning is a long-term process that is cannot master it in one day, we can break through the difficulties in learning Chinese business language and achieve success as long as we keep practicing.

Business Chinese online course is designed especially for students who have a business purpose in China and want to enhance Chinese communication skills in a very short time. This class teaches basic mandarin business language, etiquette, communication and Negotiation Skills, business writing and presentation skills, KCEL also has cooperation with selected businesses in Yunnan, which gives students opportunities to visit those companies in weekend and analysis business cases and practice business negotiation in real business context. Students can choose small group class or one to one chinese lessons, small group class will have no more than 4 students.

A Brief Introduction to the Excellent Business Chinese Course

With the rapid development of China's economy, primary business Chinese teaching becomes a new course in the field of teaching Chinese as a foreign language. As far as our school is concerned, the cause of Chinese as a foreign language has made great progress since the twenty-first Century. Among students, there are undergraduates, masters and doctoral students in finance, finance and accounting, economics, management and other related specialties. There are also ambitious students who want to start business and do business in China. China has gathered a large number of multinational enterprises, and many people in enterprises from management to general workers have great needs to learn chinese business language. This business mandarin course is adapted to the needs of society.

The Teaching And Research Department of business mandarin course has organized a series of teaching and research activities. From the ideological point of view, to learn business mandarin is not only a few business Chinese vocabulary and business mandarin phrases, or a few sentences in business Chinese, but also should be grasped in terms of the text structure and style of the business Chinese, it should focus on students' cognitive acquisition of business Chinese. In term of the course setting, business Chinese lessons have carried out many courses related to skills training such as conversation, writing, reading and so on. The early intervention of business Chinese in the language stage of the students will enable them to have a perceptual knowledge of the course, which will make them be adapted to the content of the basic business mandarin courses. The main body of business activities is people. People's activities can not be separated from basic contents such as food, clothing, shelter and transportation, and interpersonal communication. As a foreigner who came to a foreign country, the first priority is to solve these major problems in life. In business activities, etiquette intercourse, the private and official letter and the written report of the advertisement are closely related to the language (including spoken and written language).
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Business Chinese