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Chinese Summer Camp Preview

Chinese Summer Camp is coming. Thai pupils will come to the KCEL in October to learn Chinese language and Chinese culture.
Do you want to join?

Nowadays, Chinese summer camp is a popular choice for Chinese families, and more Chinese parents realize that Chinese language and Chinese culture are the greatest gifts we can give our children. Children learn Chinese, can identify with their own national culture, and proud of China's brilliant culture and rapid development.

Many parents want their children to have a healthier body, a more sunny character, and a wider field of vision through the summer camp. As a target, the Kunming Oriental Chinese school provides a tailored Chinese summer camp for Chinese children of Chinese descent in Thailand.

This year's Chinese Summer Camp of KCEL is arranged as follows:
Students will take the Chinese proficiency Test (written and oral) on the first day of the camp. The teaching team will divide the students' understanding through the proficiency test and before entering the camp. The students are trained in four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. After the summer camp, the students are guaranteed to have the ability of HSK2-3 evaluation in the beginning and intermediate of Chinese, and can use Chinese to live and communicate normally in China.

Here are a few photos of the Chinese summer camp that KCEL once hosted:

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Chinese Summer Camp Preview