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Summer Intensive Chinese Program
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Summer Intensive Chinese Program

This class is designed for students who want to improve their oral language in a short time.
The course content is based on daily life scenes, we promise to improve the speaker's communication skills within JUST 2 WEEKS.

Class time: (choose from the following 2 period)
The First Period: July 17 - July 28
The Second Period: August 7 - August 18
Class hours:
Monday to Friday morning 10: 10-12: 00
(2 classes / day, 50 minutes / class)
30RMB / class, 600RMB / period
Text Books:
《汉语口语速成》 & 《体验汉语》

KCEL's Chinese summer camp intensifies the curriculum to create a good language environment for students to improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in the short term. The intensive Chinese training camp allows students to immerse themselves in the Chinese language every day, break the language barrier, feel the increase of Chinese language and self-confidence, lively and humorous. And there are teachers to follow the instruction, high-quality teachers, professional learning environment, scientific management mode, let students quickly form Chinese thinking, develop good learning habits, more happiness, more harvest! The intensive chinese summer program allows students to immerse themselves in an environment of Standard  Chinese every day, to teach and to enjoy, and to feel Chinese in a different way after the end of tedious classroom study. Chinese Culture and small talk, Chinese film appreciation, Chinese Games, Chinese stories, Chinese recitation... in a pleasant and fun atmosphere, learn Chinese easily and speak Chinese happily!
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Summer Intensive Chinese Program