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Tips to Learn to Speak Chinese for Kids

Firstly, teach by precept and example of parents.
From the child's speech, parents should teach their children to learn to speak English and to speak Putonghua in their daily life, so that the baby will learn to learn the language. If parents just teach their children to speak Putonghua and speak dialects themselves, the children who are good at imitation will speak dialects more often.

Secondly, choose a good learning environment.
When children go to kindergartens and primary schools, try to get their children to go to formal and large schools, where their children have high overall quality and speak Putonghua. In such a good language environment, children will soon become accustomed to speaking  Putonghua.

Thirdly, develop a good habit of speaking Putonghua.
Sometimes it is better to speak Putonghua at any time and place instead of practice speaking Putonghua on purpose. Therefore, try to let the baby use Putonghua in the usual conversation with others so that the good habit of speaking Putonghua can be formed and they can speak  Putonghua well.

Fourthly, try to correct the incorrect pronunciation of the baby.
We often speak dialects with many abnormal pronunciations, such as "rhotic accent" and so on. We must correct it in time when practice speaking Putonghua.

Fifthly, communicate with children in Putonghua.
When children are playing games, try to communicate with them in Putonghua so that they will learn Putonghua as time passes.

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Tips to Learn to Speak Chinese for Kids