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Tips for Mandarin Pronunciation

Tips for Mandarin Pronunciation

1. Feel the chest resonance: Open your mouth slightly, relax your throat, close the glottis (vocal cords), and gently phonate like goldfish vomiting bubbles. Or, hum in a low voice, and feel the vibration of the chest.

2. Reduce the position of the larynx: (ibid.); relax your larynx to the maximum.

3. Hit the teeth: the so-called "hit the teeth", is to open the upper and lower wisdom teeth (molar teeth), leaving enough space for the oral cavity resonance, then touch the position of  the wisdom teeth in front of the ear root with your hand to see whether or not it opens. Finally, utter some vowels, such as "a", and feel the change of your voice.

Tips for Mandarin Pronunciation

4. Raise the zygomatic muscle: Speak with smile and turn the mouth upward slightly, you will feel your nosewing opening and your voice is more clear.

5. Straighten the soft palate: Yawn and scream. (Notice whether there is anyone around!)

The above skills are actually used to open the oral cavity. You can improve your voice if you pay attention to the above conditions. Remember that you must "relax yourself", don't overcorrect, and don't pay attention only to the way of pronunciation, but forget the content of your speech, otherwise, you are putting the cart before the horse.

As for the breath.

The pronunciation depends on the vibration, and the vibration depends on the breath. Therefore, in order to make the voice loud and clear, you need to have a full breath. Breathe deeply and lastingly, keep certain breathing pressure at any time. In your leisure time, you can do a lot of deep breathing exercises. It is better to stand up when you practice speaking, which can help you find proper breathing state. If you want to sit, you should sit straightly, and the upper body is slightly forward.

Hope these tips can help you learn to speak Mandarin fast.
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Tips for Mandarin Pronunciation