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How to Learn Chinese Quickly

At present, many people do not know how to learn Chinese fast, because there are too many Chinese sentences, so how to learn Chinese quickly?


Please remember, you don't need to learn Chinese like professors or researchers!

In fact, the core rules of Chinese are very limited.

If you want to learn all these Chinese phenomena one by one in the sea of textbooks, certainly, you will never finish it. But never forget that the purpose of learning Chinese is to understand sentences and articles, not Chinese itself.

Please remember that native speakers usually know very little about Chinese itself.

Then why you learn Chinese? Because native speakers learn their mother tongues by immersing themselves in the environment from childhood and forming "language awareness" in such a powerful language environment. But for those non-native speakers who do not have such an environment, Chinese is a fast way, because Chinese is the summary and essence of language, and it is a formula that you can use limited words to make unlimited sentences.

Please note that the formula is not so difficult, while the core part of Chinese is actually only a small part. What is difficult to understand are those "phrases", "idioms", "slang" and other traditional expressions.

Phrases and sense of language are important. The combination of two or more words can form a stage, idiom or "sense group", which is a difficult but important point in learning Chinese. Because Chinese characters usually have no spaces between each other except punctuation marks, you must first be able to identify and understand those "stages", "idioms" and "sensory groups" when reading so as to understand the whole sentence and article.

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How to Learn Chinese Quickly