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Why do Non-native Chinese Speakers Learn Chinese?

The number of Chinese learners who are non-native Chinese speakers is soaring, so why are they learning Chinese?

There may be several reasons:
①    To make the trip in China more interesting
②    Rigid work requirements
③    Looking for a Chinese girlfriend/boyfriend
④    Spice up life; change a place of residence
⑤    China is too strong, and Chinese will be as popular as English
⑥    Husband/wife works in Beijing. Do not want to stay at home every day and hope to kill time
⑦    The result of family persuasion
⑧    Just out of interest
⑨    Although I grew up in a foreign country, but as a Chinese, I must learn to speak Chinese
⑩    I have been fond of painting and singing since I was a child...

Isn't the last one special? In fact, it was from an American student. when everyone was puzzled, he immediately explained: "I think every word in Chinese is a painting and every sentence is a piece of music." It can be seen that he really likes Chinese.

The purpose of foreigners' Chinese learning

No matter for what purposes, please cherish this choice.

It can be said that China has become the largest testing ground in human history. Some even say that China is a world disguised as a country. 20 years ago, no one could have imagined that China would become so powerful, and no one can imagine today what China will be like 20 years later.

Non-native Chinese speakers who learn Chinese in China will experience and be witnesses of this great change. So, learning Chinese is really a lucky choice.

Many people think that Chinese is one of the most difficult languages in the world to learn, and it probably is. But Chinese will be more than just a tool for you to communicate. It will also be a window into the unknown and a bright road to a better future. Welcome more people to learn Chinese!

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Why do Non-native Chinese Speakers Learn Chinese?