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Why Develop an Interest in Chinese Learning?

Many people come to China from abroad for work, some people for short trips and some for learning Chinese. The purposes of their visit are different, so is the purpose of Chinese learning. If you do not have a clear goal of learning Chinese, but have to learn it, then you need to develop a certain interest in learning.

Generally speaking, there are two purposes of Chinese learning: ① communication → conversation → learning ②learning → conversation → communication.

These two learning goals are actually two learning orders, so which one will make faster progress?

Obviously, the first learning order is preference. If the original purpose is to communicate, those students will pay attention to the actual application of what they learned and eager to speak out the words and expressions they got, so they would learn Chinese fast and efficiently.

The second learning order is certainly not wrong, but to judge from the learning progress and effect, it is far inferior to the first. Many foreigners working in China are accompanied by translators when they are in their companies, travel or work abroad, so they are not eager to learn Chinese. However, the company's translation is impossible to accompany for 24 hours, they must stay alone sometimes. Knowing nothing about Chinese is very inconvenient for them. As a result, many people have the idea of learning only a little Chinese, and they just want to cope with some certain aspects of life. Consequently, their learning efficiency naturally cannot be very high.

But you are in China now, it's good time to learn Chinese. For example, you can communicate with the Chinese people, especially the old men and women who are very warm-hearted. As long as you learn about Chinese culture, you will find that the Chinese culture has a long history. Taking the HSK is also a good choice.

In addition, please speak more and practice more when you are learning Chinese. Don't be afraid of making mistakes and overcome the fear of making mistakes. If it is difficult to overcome, you can also speak Chinese to your Chinese teacher first. After getting used to it, you'll feel more confident when you open your mouth outside.

So, in order to work more efficiently and live more conveniently in China, remember to take communication as the goal and often cultivate your interest in learning Chinese!

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Why Develop an Interest in Chinese Learning?