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What the Best Way to Learn Mandarin is

What is the best way to learn mandarin?

1. Read books with pinyin.

2. Watch TV. Listen to news broadcast at 7 o’clock everyday. Listen to broadcast or radio.

3. Play with some friends who speak Mandarin.

4. Speak Mandarin boldly. Don't be stiff. Listen to the news on TV and radio to correct your pronunciation. Communicate with others and look up dictionaries to determine the standard pronunciation. Read aloud. Northerners practice hard to flatten and raise their tongues. Southerners pay attention to "n","l", front nasal sounds and rear nasal sounds.

Learning mandarin is the same as learning any language.

First of all, we should listen and practice as much as possible. To listen accurately, one must have a clear idea of the standard pronunciation of each word. Then, practice with your mouth. Repeatedly practice according to the standard pronunciation you hear.

For learning, it is important to have persistence, step by step.

Accurate pronunciation is the most basic requirement for pronunciation learning. Whether the pronunciation is accurate or not is related to the ability to listen and distinguish sounds, so the first thing is to improve the discrimination of pronunciation. On the basis of mastering the correct pronunciation, one should also practice repeatedly to reach the level of complete proficiency.

Correct pronunciation refers to mastering the standard pronunciation of Chinese characters and words in Putonghua and correcting the phonetic habits deviating from Putonghua influenced by dialects, which is a kind of memory training.  The difference between dialect and Putonghua is not irregular. Knowing the corresponding rules of dialect and Putonghua, learners need not memorize each syllable one by one, but one batch by one batch. On the basis of correct pronunciation, it is necessary to gradually apply it to actual oral language through reading aloud and conversation exercises.

Having said so much, in fact, only you know the best way to learn Putonghua, because what is suitable for you is the best.

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What the Best Way to Learn Mandarin is