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What Kind of Foreigners Are Learning Chinese

In today's international situation, more and more multinational enterprises have settled in China and come to Beijing, Shanghai and even second-and third-level cities, which is enough to prove the charm of China. Therefore, more foreigners will come to China and their tendency to learn Chinese will become higher and higher.

According to their learning needs, they can be roughly divided into the following groups.

First: staff of foreign institutions in China. Such personnel are mainly embassies and international organizations. They learn Chinese mainly to better adapt to their work and life in China.

Second: foreign employees of foreign enterprises in China. This kind of personnel need to work in China for a long time due to their work, and the average working life is mainly 1-3 years. They learn Chinese mainly to get along with and communicate with Chinese colleagues and friends better, and there is also a salary increase. For example, in Samsung Company of South Korea, employees want a promotion and salary increase, which is directly proportional to HSK level.

Third: investors in China. This kind of personnel mainly have a certain capital accumulation and are optimistic about China's investment market. They usually choose to learn Chinese related to their profession, with business Chinese as the majority. The main purpose for them to learn Chinese is to expand their business and better adapt to business contacts in China.

Fourth: overseas students in China. Such personnel are students whose purpose is to enter Chinese universities. They mainly take study for Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) as a ladder to enter Chinese universities to study abroad.

Fifth: family members of foreign staffs in China. The majority of these people are the families of staff members in China. The main purpose of their study is to better enjoy their life in China, which is obvious for Japanese and Korean enterprises. They mainly learn spoken Chinese for daily conversation.

Sixth: short stayers. These people are mainly people who are interested in Chinese language, culture and life in China. They learn Chinese mainly because of their interest. Therefore, at the same time of learning Chinese, they will also require to learn knowledge and skills about Chinese culture. For example, paper cutting, martial arts, etc.

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What Kind of Foreigners Are Learning Chinese