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What Are the Best Ways to Learn Chinese Well

1. Grammatical concept. The first focus of modern Chinese learning is grammar. Of course, it is mainly Chinese grammar. And it is necessary to compare it with English grammar. There are two concepts in modern Chinese grammar. The broad grammatical concept is the pragmatic meaning of language, while the narrow grammatical concept is the language application of Chinese. Learning modern Chinese requires a clear understanding of the nature and content of the subject. It teaches grammatical knowledge that we all know but cannot systematically study.

2. Classification of parts of speech. This is part of the final examination and is the basic knowledge of modern Chinese. You should know the division of notional words and function words, as well as the grammatical features of nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, auxiliary words and other words. The main way of testing is to give you a passage and classify it by yourself. In learning parts of speech, one must make great efforts to take notes, because there are many grammatical properties and characteristics that need to be recited.

3. Learning phrases. This is the focus of modern Chinese learning, because it is related to another key central analysis method, and the two knowledge points are often linked to examination, especially those of different phrases, such as subject-predicate phrases and intermediate phrases, among which collocated phrases and joint phrases are easily confused, which need to be distinguished. Specifically, collocated phrases refer to the same thing in different words, while joint phrases refer to the different things in same words. It is also necessary to analyze the nature of phrases.

4. Central analysis. The central analysis method is also called analytic hierarchy process or frame structure analysis method. The test type is to give you a sentence, and it is required to divide it according to different phrase types. The specific steps are from left to right, from big to small, and divide it layer by layer. There is no shortcut to the study of central analysis except the accumulation of a large number of questions.

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What Are the Best Ways to Learn Chinese Well