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The Influence of Reading on Chinese Learning

Foreigners who have learned Chinese know that Chinese learning can be divided into four parts: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Among them, "listening" and "reading" belong to input; "speaking" and “writing" belongs to output. These four parts are complementary and indispensable. Then, let's discuss the importance of reading today.

Reading can hone one's sense of language

Reading and language ability have always been closely related. So, what can we learn from reading?  Summary with phrase: "sense of language".

I believe many people have heard and used this word. So, what is the so-called "sense of language"? In simple and popular terms, it is the feeling of language. Whether you can correctly judge the exact usage of a word often requires a sense of language. If we want to have a sense of language, we have to have a lot of contact with Chinese. This kind of feeling is not like grammar. There is a certain standard. This kind of feeling is not standard and cannot be learned systematically, only can be obtained by reading Chinese a lot.

Classification of reading

Generally speaking, reading can be divided into "intensive reading" and "more reading". The so-called "intensive reading" is to confirm the meaning of each word and grammar as in class, and then read it sentence by sentence, word by word."Reading more" means reading a lot, such as newspapers, novels, etc. Don't look up the dictionary, but judge the meaning of new words by the overall meaning of the article.

In the initial stage of learning Chinese, we need to master words and grammar through "intensive reading". After the intermediate level, intensive reading should be accompanied by more reading, which can quickly cultivate our sense of language.

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The Influence of Reading on Chinese Learning