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The Foreigners Studying Martial Arts Is Increasing

"Many young people in the world are practicing Chinese martial arts now, but I find that there are few Chinese who learn martial arts. I sincerely hope that China can promote and popularize this national cultural treasure," said Manka Giancara, 58, coach of the Italian Wushu Federation.

In the traditional martial arts conferences over the years, we can see that young fighters from all over the world compete and communicate with each other about martial arts with great interest, and we are always moved by their infatuation and devotion to traditional Chinese martial arts.

In contrast, in China, there are fewer and fewer people practicing martial arts. Many famous martial arts masters have far more foreign disciples than Chinese, and even many traditional martial arts are only learned by foreigners, not by Chinese. I'm afraid in another 20 years, if Chinese want to learn traditional martial arts, they have to learn from foreigners.

With the spread of eastern culture in the west, some westerners have been deeply attracted by the eastern sports culture after learning about the extensive and profound eastern culture. In addition, some outstanding martial arts professionals have made great efforts abroad to carry forward the traditional Chinese martial arts. The traditional Chinese martial arts have gradually become popular in western countries.

In the past 20 years, there constantly are foreigners coming to China for traditional martial arts learning. Most of them gathered in the birthplace of martial art such as Shaolin, Taiji, Wudang, Emei, Liangshan and so on, aiming at learning authentic traditional martial arts. Most foreigners who come to China to support teaching, work, study and travel are interested in traditional martial arts and seek for teachers to learn skills. Taijiquan is also a compulsory course in the study courses of short-term training groups for foreigners in China.
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The Foreigners Studying Martial Arts Is Increasing