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Teaching Chinese with Skype

With the rapid development of society and the continuous popularization of new technologies, many people choose distance education to improve their knowledge and skills.

The development of Chinese teaching for foreigners depends on the improvement of information technology and educational technology. No matter how far the teachers are from the students, as long as they can access the Internet and install the required software, they can teach.

Recently in Russia, more and more people use a kind of chatting tool called Skype to learn foreign languages, especially English. Now learning Chinese on skype has also become a good and convenient way.

Now there are more and more online schools in Russia, which always apply different softwares to facilitate the communication between teachers and students. The most famous software is Skype. Schools with Skype application are now known as "Skype schools."

But why do more and more learners prefer to learn a second language online?

There may be several important reasons.
The first, of course, is its simplicity and ease of use. The courses on the Skype platform are not very expensive, and it can provide trainings at any level, schedule classes at the right time, and find teachers located around the world.
The second reason is that Chinese is a very special language for Russians, and it is very different from Russian and other European languages. So, there are a lot of issues that need to be considered in the teaching process design.

Many teachers of Chinese in Russia use textbooks and teaching aids written a decade ago. Their knowledge of Chinese is abundant, but the knowledge on books is outdated, so a new teaching method is urgently needed.

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Teaching Chinese with Skype