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What Problems Should We Pay Attention to in Learning Chinese?

Paying too much attention to methods and techniques is a taboo in learning Chinese. Experts in Chinese learning center introduce that the use of Chinese is a skill. Perhaps Chinese learning institutions in Chengdu will tell you some skills, but these skills can’t be acquired only by techniques. Paying too much attention to methods and skills in learning Chinese will take up too much time and energy, while less time and energy will be spent on the content of learning Chinese, so it will affect the effect of learning Chinese. Methods and techniques can only be used appropriately, and learning from our own practice and find out the right methods and techniques for our own will really work.

2. Too much emphasis on speed and efficiency is also a taboo in learning Chinese. Don’t take the time to repeat what we’ve already learned. Just understand it. The use of Chinese is not only a kind of skill, because skills can only rely on practice to make perfect and need us to continue repeating. When we are familiar to these skills, we will form a kind of application freely without thinking about these skills. The teachers of Shuobo International School remind us that we must learn Chinese in a down-to-earth way and not pay too much attention to speed and efficiency.

3. Not being able to persist in learning and not paying attention to listening training are also taboos in learning Chinese. According to experts from the Chinese language learning center, there is a process to learn Chinese, in which you will encounter various difficulties, but you should not bow to the difficulties. Only in this way can we achieve the desired goal. In addition, Chinese is a language, and language has sound, so our feeling of language is first of all the sound of language on our brain. If we do not practice listening, just silently read and memorize vocabulary, we can’t understand what others speak in Chinese, and our reading level is difficult to improve.

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What Problems Should We Pay Attention to in Learning Chinese?