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What Materials Are Required for Student Visa

1. Submit a valid passport.

2. Complete and submit the visa application form. Visas are different, the forms are also different, most of forms should be filled in with foreign language, and students should provide photos.

3. Submit various documents related to the purpose of application, such as certificates of birth, marital status, educational background, work experience, etc.

4. Meeting with officials from the embassy or consulate of the destination country. Some countries stipulate that every immigrant applicant must be interviewed before the decision is made; Some countries also require an interview when applying for a non-immigrant visas.

5. The embassy or consulate shall submit the completed visa application forms and necessary supporting materials to the domestic competent department for examination and approval. The embassies and consulates of a few countries have the right to issue visas directly, but they must still report them to their home countries for record.

6. Inform the embassy and consulate of the opinions on the examination and approval after the necessary examination and verification by the competent authority of that country. If they approve, a visa will be issued. Applicants will also be notified if they refuse. (For refusal, the embassy and consulate will not refund visa fees).

Note: a student visa is an endorsement (seal) or a label affixed to a person’s passport or travel document. The stamp or label should contain clear instructions indicating the reason for the holder’s entry into the country, the time of his/her staying, or the permission to travel to another country through his/her territory.

Application for a student visa:

1. The student should directly apply to foreign embassies or consulates in China;

2. Entrust the visa office of the Chinese travel agency to apply for the visa (generally only for tourist visas);

3. The foreign relatives and friends can apply directly to the country’s immigration department for the visa.

The adoption of the above three methods depends on the situation. If the student is familiar with the situation, and the embassy accepts personal applications, he/she can apply directly to the embassy and consulate in China for visa.

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What Materials Are Required for Student Visa