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What Are the Scenic Spots in Kunming

Yunnan Ethnic Village is located 9 kilometers south of Kunming City, and it is a condensed version of 25 ethnic minority villages, allowing visitors to experience Yunnan’s multi-ethnic culture. Bai village, Wa village, Tibetan village and the last confirmed Jino in China. In addition to the singing and dancing performances, there is also the unique performance of elephants in Yunnan. Tourists can taste the various unique ethnic snacks, including roasted chicken wings with spicy peppers of Jino, chicken bean noodle of Naxi.

Tien Lake: visit the vast Kunming Lake. Tien Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Yunnan province, also known as Kunming Lake,  the 500-mile Tien Lake, and it is the sixth largest freshwater lake in China. Around Tien Lake, there are dozens of mountains, surrounded by water, sky, clouds, forming a beautiful natural picture. You can  take the cable car to climb the west mountain to overlook the Tien Lake, take the speedboat to visit the Tien Lake,watch the sunrise from the Tien lake, and stroll the Tien Lake to feed the seagulls.

West Mountain Forest Park: the best scenery in central Yunnan. The scenery of the West mountain is very beautiful. The humid environment makes the plants flourish and, there are many birds and butterflies, while the tourists are relatively few. Climb up to the Longmen Datian pavilion, Longmen refers to a section of stone work from Sanqing Pavilion to Longmen Datian Pavilion in the West Mountain, and the whole project took 72 years to complete, so it can be called spectacular. Datian Pavilion is the highest point of Longmen, built with a special observation platform, and standing on the platform, tourists can overlook the vast 500-mile Tien Lake. There is also the activity of playing in the West Mountain on the 3rd of March. According to the traditional folk festival in Kunming, residents gather there to sing and dance on the third day of March every year.

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What Are the Scenic Spots in Kunming