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Tips for Learning Mandarin

Tip 1. Find out the corresponding rules in Mandarin and their dialects, and enhance the memory.
The difference between various dialects and Mandarin Chinese language is mainly phonetics, with little difference in vocabulary and grammar. The main differences in phonetics are as follows: in most areas blade-alveolars are used the same as retroflex; so do n and l; many vowels like eng、ing、e、uo are ignored; the rounded lips of vowels for most people are not enough. Combining these characteristics, students can find the corresponding rules of dialects and Putonghua, and thus practice and memorize the difficulties.
tips for learn chinese language

Tip 2. Try to achieve a full breath and clear pronunciations.
That is to say, read the consonant, vowel and tone of every character loudly, in particular, the vowel. Don't be vague. The vowel head, body and tail should be read clearly. For example, the pronunciation of xiang(响) should be “x-i-ǎ-ng”(consonant-vowel head-body-tail) rather than “x--ng ”(consonant-vowel head-tail).

Tip 3 .Pay attention to the pronunciation of the neutral-tone words.
In addition to the required words, many function words also read softly, such as structure auxiliary(de的, de地, de得), dynamic auxiliary(zhe着, le了, guo过) , directional verb(lai来, qu去) and plurality(men们).

Tip 4. When reading an article, be sure to express the emotion of the article correctly.
Pay attention to the stop, stress, tone and rhythm. In a word, where should we stop and how long; where is the stress and where should be light; which sentences should be connected in one paragraph and which not and which is the key point; is the voice of the whole sentence ascending or descending, strong or weak, quick or slow? All of these should be relished and practiced a lot.
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Tips for Learning Mandarin