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The importance of vocabulary teaching

Vocabulary teaching plays an important role and throughout the whole process in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. First of all, we should fully understand the importance of Chinese characters, especially the importance of the relationship between Chinese characters and Chinese. Due to the development of the Chinese characters played a pivotal role in the process in the Chinese, such as our most commonly used dual tone of the words' creation is not influenced by the voice conversion, but to create according to the meaning of Chinese characters, we emphasize the phonetic teaching only and does not pay attention to the teaching of Chinese characters, so a foreigner without learning chinese culture background, the understanding of word will produce a lot of difficulties, which virtually increased the difficulty of the foreigners to learn Chinese.

"Chinese characters (language) is difficult to learn" is probably the first impression most Chinese learners have when they come into contact with Chinese. Many Chinese learners have even become afraid of writing Chinese characters. Quite a few of them have changed "listening and speaking first" into "listening and speaking is enough", and just want to be able to listen and speak, giving up the discrimination and writing of Chinese characters completely. This "difficult to learn Chinese characters" theory is becoming more and more intense, the promotion of the Chinese language, has formed a great psychological barrier. How to avoid the difficulties, so that they do not feel cumbersome, is the question that TCFL teachers must think about

In fact, in the traditional Chinese teaching, we can find the answer, in our country's traditional teaching, has always been "based on Chinese characters". Chinese character teaching, as the basis of learning Chinese well and the breakthrough point of Chinese language teaching, has been placed in the top priority of Chinese language teaching. In the past dynasties, the basic stage of Chinese teaching was centered on literacy teaching. Although vocabulary teaching is so important, it is regrettable that lexicology may be the weakest part in Chinese ontology research. So far, there is still not a good enough lexicology theory that can be used to guide vocabulary teaching and achieve significant results.

In teaching Chinese as a foreign language, foreign students often have the following problems: Chinese word-formation; Meaning analysis under word frequency control; And synonyms, synonyms discrimination, the last point is also difficult in teaching. Such as "just now" and "just"; "Very" and "quite"; "after " and "later", as well as the particles used at the end of sentences, such as "ba", "ah" and "ma", all require teachers to distinguish them in terms of syntactic distribution and conditions of use, collocation and combination rules of words, color differences and stylistic classification.
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The importance of vocabulary teaching