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The characteristics of business Chinese vocabularies

What is business Chinese vocabularies?

For adults, the Purposes of studying Chinese are different. The main purpose of some students is to use Chinese in their work or study, and the Chinese they study is Chinese for Specific Purposes. Business Chinese vocabularies is a kind of special-purpose Chinese, which refers to the work and communication language specially used in business occasions (wan yina, 2004) [I]. Similar to business Chinese, there is Chinese for Academic Purposes, Chinese for Medical Purposes and so on.

So, what are the characteristics of business Chinese?

Character 1: close with daily common language:

business Chinese vocabularies first lesson, is often from "what is your surname?". And this sentence, is more than formal daily language, too. Business Chinese vocabularies have never been a "slang" that can only be understood by professionals.

Character 2: widely used:

No matter it is a senior consultant in a big headhunting firm or as a secretary in a small agency. From a high-end cocktail party to a customer return call, every sentence of communication can be called business Chinese. Even an aunt at the local vegetable market can offer her customers a live business oral Chinese practice.
character 3: knowledge of Chinese culture and national conditions:

under different cultural backgrounds, the style of business activities, negotiation strategies, conversation methods, etc., are greatly different. Foreigners' impression of Chinese people is mostly euphemistic and implicit. They stress that "peace is the most precious" and "the middle way" in everything. As a result, many foreign students have learned "where" and "so-so". In business Chinese courses, Chinese culture and China's national conditions are indispensable.
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The characteristics of business Chinese vocabularies