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Suggestions on the Teaching of Listening to Teaching Chinese as A Foreign Language

(1) The pace of the lecture should be normal and should not be deliberately slowed down.

Although they are at the primary level, international students generally speak faster in real life than in textbooks. TCSL teachers often hear students complain about why they can understand almost everything the teacher says in class, but become “deaf” when they leave school. Should TCSL teachers deliberately accommodate some students in the classroom when they speak at the primary level (those without any learning experience are not included)? It is better to minimize the differences between the small language environment and the large language environment. At first, some students generally complain that they cannot understand. After more than a week, however, everyone is basically fine.

(2) Let the students preview the new words by themselves.

If most of the new words have already appeared in the reading, writing and conversation, the teacher can write out the pinyin on the blackboard. Some difficult grammar points and new words needs only a little bit of explanation instead of too much expansion, and teachers should mobilize students’ enthusiasm and thinking.

(3) Add appropriate materials.

If the teacher only follows the textbook in the listening class, the students can go home to listen. If the teacher finds some other relevant listening materials according to the textbook and let the students practice, it does not only improve their listening ability but also arouse their enthusiasm. In addition to teaching materials, teachers can still look for a few relevant hearing materials to serve as supplement,  teachers can add one or two press close to student’s life to serve as supplement content in every class. It might be popular with students.

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Suggestions on the Teaching of Listening to Teaching Chinese as A Foreign Language