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Study Tour In China

China fever and Chinese fever have spread all over the world, but many foreigners do not know much China. One of the best ways to learn Chinese is to visit China and feel China to undergo scholarship Chinese language in China.

In 2017, hankao international, a subsidiary Chinese Test International Organization of Office of Chinese Language Council International organized activity Tours to China. According to introduction of event leader, this activity recruits Chinese language students from Confucius institutes around the world, inviting them to visit special routes such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City in Beijing, terracotta warriors in Xi 'an, Pingyao in Shanxi province and Yungang grottoes. Let them not only enjoy the great sceneries of China, but also deeply experience the traditional Chinese culture and cultural customs. This is a customized Chinese sinology tour for global Chinese learners. We hope to attract more and more foreigners to learn Chinese and visit China through these activities.

As more and more Chinese students go to Europe and America for study Tours during their holidays, "going to China for holidays" has gradually become a new choice for foreign students who are learning Chinese. Shanghai summer school attracts hundreds of foreign students from hundreds of countries and regions around the world. While teaching language, it allows foreign students to experience traditional Chinese culture such as Tai chi chuan, paper-cutting, folk music, cooking, painting and calligraphy.

Groups of foreign students from different countries and colors come to gather in Qufu, the hometown of Confucius. In front of Dacheng hall, foreign students wearing ancient robes and large sleeves become a classic picture of Qufu's inbound study tour. In 2017, overseas students from Russia, Ukraine, kazakhstan, Nepal, Pakistan, India and other countries came to Qufu, the birthplace of Confucius, in holiday to experience Chinese Confucian culture. In the experience of reading the analects in hand, foreign students of different colors and languages write the famous sentences of sages with brush on paper. As one of the six arts of ritual, music, archery, calligraphy and mathematics, archery became the most popular program for overseas students. Under the guidance of their teachers, they made bows and arrows, performed shooting rites, and hit the target with one arrow, quite like ancient Chinese gentlemen.
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Study Tour In China