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Requirements of Learning to Read and Write Mandarin

The Constitution of the People's Republic of China stipulates: "The state promotes Mandarin in the whole country." As a school that undertakes the responsibility of cultivating the successors of the motherland, it is an important place to promote Mandarin and use standardized words. Teachers are also the forerunners of speaking Mandarin and using normative words. Learn to read and write mandarin is also an important way to improve the overall quality of teachers and students.

Promote Putonghua and educate first. The "National General Language and Character Law of the People's Republic of China" clearly stipulates: "Schools and other educational institutions use Mandarin and standardized Chinese characters as the basic language for education and teaching." As teachers in the 21st century, it is necessary to have the ability of speaking Mandarin and writing characters.

The teacher makes the following rules for each student to learn to read and write mandarin:

1. Always speak Mandarin in your daily life. Each class selected a pusher with a pure voice and a beautiful tone. He records the daily speaking of Mandarin in class members.

2. Criticize and deduct class credits for those who do not speak Mandarin in class speeches, oral communication, assembly speeches, and conference presiding.

3. When receiving visitors, you must be generous, do not use the ban, and answer the questions raised by the guests with enthusiasm and politeness.

4. When working, the writing should be neat. Pay attention to the strokes, strokes, and frame structure of Chinese characters. The format is correct and beautiful.

5. When you take the test, the answer should be standardized, neat and beautiful.

When writing letters, writing greeting cards, doing blackboard reports, and hand-written newspapers, you must write a standard word, and you must not write a variant.

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Requirements of Learning to Read and Write Mandarin