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One to One Chinese Lessons

How to one-to-one teach Chinese as a foreign language?

First, the introduction of topics. As for an oral class, the introduction of the topic must be closely combined with the topics to be learned. One to one chinese teaching classes can start as a friend's chat. For example, last week the students told the teacher that he was going to a party or a museum, so we could ask the students to talk about the party and the museum at the beginning of a class. But please note that too private parties are not suitable for questions to introduce the topic. As you can imagine, the number of students generally don't allow such questions. Next, you can choose a question related to the topic of this lesson, for example, the topic of "City and Country". The teacher can ask students "Have you ever lived in the countryside?" or "What do you think of country life?" But please note: in the way to chat with friends." Don't be too serious and try to give students a pleasant chat-like environment. This is very important because students are going to speak Chinese continuously throughout the class, and the relaxing atmosphere is very essential.

one to one chinese teaching

Second, the study of texts and the new words. Even an oral class, it is best to have a textbook as a backing. The atmosphere and form of class can be as close as possible to the form of chat and conversation, but it is not rambling. I used to work in a few training institutions. They have some good ideas. For example, let students tell the teacher what he wants to talk about today. Then the teacher and students will practice oral communication about this topic. However, according to my observation for a period of time, most students don't really improve their Chinese level except the students with very high proficiency in Chinese. I think as a professional Chinese teacher, we all know why. The reason is that abandon normal language learning without a solid language foundation. Therefore, I do not propose to use such teaching methods alone. This way can be combined with a good textbook as a way to practice in class instead of leading. So teachers can choose a textbook with the students. Students are mainly responsible for seeing whether the content of the textbook is something that they are interested in and willing to talk about. The teacher is mainly responsible for checking the accuracy of textbooks, such as grammar interpretation, vocabulary translation, and so on. On one to one chinese teaching lessons, the main suggestion is to learn words.  The learning method of words is based on dialogue practice,for example, the word "only". According to the understanding of students (my students learn Chinese further because of practicing Taijiquan), I ask, "Are you the only person in your unit who can play taijiquan?" In this sentence, "unit" is the word we have learned before, so such a question reviews the previously learned words, exercises the new words, and is in the form of chatting to students. The teacher can know more about the students. It is convenient to choose and practice topics in later classes. It has multiple benefits. Of course, such practice requires teachers to do some homework. Keep in mind students' interest and career background, and train yourself to do oral communication exercises with students. But do not worry, because this is a process of practice and then success, and soon everyone can form this kind of thinking. 
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One to One Chinese Lessons