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Misunderstanding of business Chinese course

1. Business Chinese course is not necessarily a single language and social variant.

From the two perspectives of industry variant and occupation variant of language, real business Chinese course teaching is likely to be aimed at a certain occupation and position in a certain industry, or the language skills required by learners of a specific economy and management major. The so-called business Chinese course is a general term, which contains many industries or occupation variants, but there is not a common stuff in business Chinese course.

2. The characteristics of business Chinese course is not only reflected in the language.

Characteristics of business Chinese course are decided by social factors, in the entire unit of a text analysis can reveal comprehensively the characteristics, in pronunciation, vocabulary, syntax structure to the discourse structure of every level, is the characteristic of multiple levels together, rather than just a plane problems.

3. Business Chinese course is not necessarily the language used in work or professional learning activities. Business Chinese course is taught from the perspective of learners' language use needs and from the perspective of people, instead of professional knowledge or professional communication.

4. Business Chinese course teaching does not have to start from the perspective of demand only after having a certain Chinese foundation. For special-purpose language teaching with limited objectives, it can theoretically start from any level.

5. The business Chinese course teacher doesn't need to be familiar with the professional knowledge of business expect dialect to teachers to teach language and is very professional in the target domain knowledge is unrealistic, and also, to have a target domain knowledge or experience to teach language is not feasible, the way to solve the problem of the mainly rely on existing language teachers. Suggestions: (1) put down the burden; (2) Master the basic knowledge system framework of economics and enterprise management; (3) urgent use of learning; (4) Cooperation between teachers and students.
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Misunderstanding of business Chinese course