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Learn to Write Chinese Characters

1 The pen holding position must be correct. The thumb and the forefinger pinch the front of the pen (moderate length, with the eye, can see the tip of the pen). The junction between the first and second joints of the middle finger should hold the pen. The ring finger and little finger side by side resist the middle finger. The palm is hollow, like holding an egg. And the outside of palm is naturally placed on paper. The wrist is flexible to drive the fingers when writing. Sit straight. In addition to the hands, other parts should be relaxed. Why is this posture so verbose? Because the writing posture is very important. A bad posture not only affects the writing speed and the font, but also makes you easy to fatigue, especially it will cause crooked head, oblique shoulder, bending spine, myopia and strabismus. Once forming the habit of holding a pen, you will feel it hard to correct. So don't be careless.

learn to write chinese
Learn to write chinese characters

2 You should be from the simple to the difficult. First graffiti, and then draw lines and circles and fill colors. In the first or second years of learning, teach students some simple numbers, Chinese characters and letters.

3 First use thick and light pens to do extensive exercises, so as to exercise hand-eye coordination and muscle strength of hands.

4 First practice on larger paper, and then slowly turn to the lattice paper or books.
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Learn to Write Chinese Characters