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Immersion Teaching Principle

In the 1960s, the immersion teaching model originated in Canada. Immersion teaching refers to the teaching and curriculum teaching mode in which a foreign language is used as the teaching language, which means that students are "soaked" in the learning environment of foreign languages. For Chinese, teachers only use English and Chinese for students, and do not use or use other languages as intermediaries as little as possible. Moreover, some subject courses are also taught in Chinese, reducing the frequency of other mother tongues appearing in the classroom. Chinese language immersion programs for adults have developed relatively late. Teachers can not only use this teaching mode in classroom teaching, but also use it more in ordinary teaching activities. However, there are two principles to be aware of when using the Chinese language immersion programs for adults:

(1) Chinese teaching principles

Due to the influence of the positive and negative transfer of mother tongue on language learners, most students will apply their native language learning methods and study habits to Chinese learning, which will cause some troubles for Chinese learning. The Chinese language immersion program for adults provides students with a complete Chinese learning environment. It gives students a wealth of opportunities to speak the target language. If students can express their emotions and thoughts well, the transformation of this process is the process of students acquiring a second language. Therefore, teachers should provide students with more opportunities to speak the target language in the teaching activities, and the design teaching activities should also be related to this.

(2) Interaction principle

Russian psychologist Vygotsky said that people's learning requires a specific learning environment, and learners become one of them in this particular environment. According to practice, in the teaching process, if the teacher can also participate in the practical activities, it plays a great role in mobilizing the enthusiasm and participation of the students. The effect of having a teacher's participation is far better than the teacher's mere organization. In addition, we must also pay attention to the encouragement of teachers in the course of activities. Teachers' encouragement to students can greatly overcome students' shame and nervousness. Teachers should appropriately change the teaching model and create a learner-centered autonomous learning environment.

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Immersion Teaching Principle