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How to Look up Unfamiliar Chinese Characters

People who come to China from abroad sometimes carry some search tools with them. These tools are different from each other. The following are the three tools for looking up Mandarin Chinese characters and their advantages and disadvantages.

I. Paper dictionary

Advantages: affordable and practical
The most prominent feature of paper dictionaries is that they are cheap, and also they are fine tools passed from generation to generation, which is enough to show their durability, such as Xinhua dictionaries. Even a large and thick paper dictionary is much cheaper than an electronic dictionary.

Disadvantages: heavy, large, inconvenient to carry
With the emergence of electronic dictionaries and online dictionary software, the shortcomings of paper dictionaries are becoming more and more obvious. They are heavy and take up a lot of space, which makes them very inconvenient to carry around. Although there are also small dictionaries now, they contain much fewer words than large ones. From the perspective of learning Chinese, this small dictionary cannot replace large dictionaries in any way.

Ⅱ. Electronic dictionary

Advantages: multifunction, small volume
It can be divided into the following sections: ①Many electronic dictionaries now include the contents of many kinds of paper dictionaries. Take Japan's electronic dictionaries as an example. Many electronic dictionaries include not only auxiliary dictionaries such as Chinese conversation dictionaries, Chinese business dictionaries, computer terminology dictionaries, but also many traditional dictionaries such as modern Chinese dictionaries and Da Cilin dictionaries. ②All major brands of electronic dictionaries have multi-lingual functions. Besides Chinese, they also include other languages. ③Pronunciation is a must. ④It is especially worth mentioning that besides pinyin input, most electronic dictionaries have handwriting input methods. This function is especially useful for foreigners. Many new words can be found by handwriting. ⑤The electronic dictionary has the function of updating in time and can download new dictionaries at any time, including some new words on the Internet!

Disadvantages: no one yet

Ⅲ. Dictionary software

Advantages: built-in mobile phone, ipad and computer, popular with young people.
With the popularity of mobile phones, ipad and computers, more and more students are starting to use dictionary software such as APP and PC-side installation packages. You can find multiple words at the same time, and you can find words through example sentences, which is very humane. For example, when looking at a computer, if you find a new word you don't know, you can select the new word and copy it. In addition, if you forget to bring your electronic dictionary, you can always look up new words with your mobile phone.

Disadvantages: The interpretation of words is not as accurate as that of paper electronic and electronic dictionaries sometimes.

Of course, when choosing word search tools, you should choose them according to your own needs.

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How to Look up Unfamiliar Chinese Characters