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How to Learn Chinese Words

The importance of Chinese vocabulary

When learning Chinese, the size of the vocabulary is quite important. I believe many foreigners will also agree with this. So how important is the vocabulary?

It can be said that the importance of vocabulary is equivalent to the heavyweight in boxing. Friends who often watch boxing matches must have some knowledge of fighting. In boxing, the side with bigger heavyweight has overwhelming advantages. Of course, it can not be denied that skills will also affect the result of competitions, but the importance of heavyweight cannot be replaced by anything else. The players of weight and light can't play together. Therefore, boxing will be graded according to body weight. There is a connection between the vocabulary and the boxing. Short dialogues can sometimes be confused by some skills, but long conversations require a lot of vocabulary. So after someone hears your long conversation, he will immediately know what your Chinese level is like.

How to Learn Chinese Words

How to learn Chinese words

As long as you learn a foreign language, you will deal with vocabulary. So, is the importance of vocabulary in the different stages of Chinese learning the same?

Personally, it's basically the same. In the process of learning a language, you need to memorize words from the beginning to the end. However, students who are completely zero-based should focus on pronunciation at the beginning stage. At this stage, the demand for vocabulary is not very urgent. In addition, at the advanced level, as you have mastered a large number of words, the new words that appear at this stage are sometimes not very practical. Therefore, rather than memorizing new words, it is better to improve the proficiency of known words and practice rhetorical devices.

Based on the above reasons, I believe that in different stages of language learning, the way to memorize words should also be different.

According to personal experience, according to the difficulty and frequency of words, one should change learning methods properly. Words in the primary stage are easy to remember because they are often used in daily life and are not too difficult. There is no need to make a word book at this stage. Most of the words can be naturally remembered.

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How to Learn Chinese Words