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How to Learn Chinese Spelling Fast

The following methods may let you know how to learn Chinese spelling fast.

1. Framework method

When foreign students learn something, they want a whole set of logic and frame as their base of knowledge, learning languages is not an exception. So when we introduce the phonetic knowledge to them, we must first give them the basic frame and then slowly expand the frame into specific contents, so that the students will feel that the teacher is very professional, and feel more convinced psychologically at the very beginning. For example, when I give the foreign students lectures, I often use the Chinese greeting word, "你好", as the introduction. I will first tell the students that Chinese can be divided into pinyin and Chinese characters (while writing the pinyin on the blackboard), and Pinyin can also be divided into three parts, they are 21 initials, 39 finals, and 4 tones. Next, I will introduce the places of articulation corresponding to each initial and final in detail.

How to Learn Chinese Spelling Fast

2. Experience method

When I teach the first few initials, I will tell the students the places of articulation of these initials, such as bpm, they are all bilabials, so I will teach them together and let the students feel the sound articulated from their lips, and when they pronounce mnlr, I will let them put their hands on the vocal cords to feel the vibration, and put their hands on the nostrils to feel the flow of breath while pronouncing mn.

3. Observation method

Phonetic teaching should be visualized and it should be taught with some intuitive means. For example, the 6 basic monophthongs can be taught with a mouth-shape chart. You can let the students take a small mirror and imitate the mouth shape while looking at the teacher's demonstration and pictures. This intuitive method can help students know how to make a correct mouth shape and pronounce correctly.

4. Voicing method

Some students have difficulties in pronouncing v, then we can let them first pronounce i. When they articulate i, let them keep the position of the tongue and round their lips, then what they pronounce is v. Similarly, keep the position of the place of articulation when articulating sh and vibrate vocal band, then they can pronounce.

5. Gesture method

For example, when learning tones, after the teacher introduces the five-degree marking method showing the changes of pitches, the students can use gestures to simulate the change of the tongue positions, such as when pronouncing the zcs and zhchsh, the demonstration of gestures will ease the difficulty. Besides, when pronouncing jqx, the tip of the tongue should be drooping. However, when the students articulate these sounds, their tips of the tongue often touches the back of the upper tooth and pronounce wrongly, the teacher can straighten his left hand to imitate the lower teeth, rise the back of the right hand and drop the fingers comparing to the tongue, the tip of the tongue, which can simulate the pronunciation figuratively and correct the mistakes.

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How to Learn Chinese Spelling Fast