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How to Get a Student Visa

Student Visa Acquisition
In order to obtain a China student visa, the applicant must prove that: Their only purpose (not only primary) is studying. They have the ability and plan to be a full-time student abroad. On the premise of not engaging in unauthorized work, they have sufficient money to cover tuition fees, living expenses and the full cost of dealing with emergencies. They have an indivisible social, economic and other factors that will force them to leave the local place after completing their planned studies. Applicants must prove that they have been admitted unconditionally by institutions eligible to enroll overseas students. The school must provide a completed form I-20 and admission notice. In addition, applicants should also prove that they have the ability to successfully complete their studies and provide information that can prove their learning ability and educational backgrounds, such as graduation certificates, transcripts (including subjects and grades), TOEFL score reports, and other grades required by the school, such as GRE, GMAT and so on. Applicants must prove that they have a plan to return home after completing their studies. They can prove this in many ways. For example, they can indicate that China needs professionals in the field that they have learned abroad. As they come from first-class schools, they will be able to compete for a good job after returning to the country.

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How to Get a Student Visa