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How can Chinese characters be reformed into universal languages?

The reform should aim at the shortcomings and give full play to the advantages to carry out systematic innovation. The largest defect of Chinese characters is that it is difficult to get started, and the main reasons are as follows:

  1. The phonetic function of the phonetic element in a Chinese character is damaged too much so that there are too many homophones and homograph, and the main way to learn Chinese is rote memorization;

  2. In the process of development and simplification, Chinese characters do not maintain and develop the advantages of explanation and learning, so the simplification of some of them are not systematic and thorough, the simplified and traditional Chinese characters are not unified, which makes it difficult to write and remember;

  3. Chinese is mixed with a lot of English words, no new words are created to adapt to new things;

In view of the above defects, the reform measures for Chinese characters are as follows:

  1. Absorb international phonetic symbols, enrich Chinese pronunciation, reduce homophones and eliminate polysyllabic characters

  2. Square and round characters -- combining square Chinese characters with alphabetic characters

  3. Legislate and standardize Chinese and encourage everyone to create new words and include them into the dictionary according to the process and specification

  4. Reform Chinese grammar

The reform of Chinese characters should be like the programming language, constantly upgrading the version

The reform of Chinese characters does not end with one or two times of simplifications of Chinese characters. It should be like Java, Python and other programming languages, constantly upgrading versions, absorbing the opinions and wisdom of linguists, translators, writers, educators and programming experts from all countries, and integrating the advantages of other languages to reform Chinese characters, so that people from all countries can learn it more easily.


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How can Chinese characters be reformed into universal languages?