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How to Do a Good Job in Teaching Chinese Vocabulary as a Foreign Language (2)

4. Learn vocabulary in "games." You can design a variety of small games, teach while entertaining. For example, when explaining the name of a body part, you can deepen the students’ memories by playing games. Specifically, you can do this: let students group, each group sends a representative, the teacher said which part, these students should immediately point out on their own. Other students act as referees, and the wrong representatives are sent off the stage. The last remaining student's group can be given appropriate rewards. Of course, different rules can also be formulated.

The advantage of playing games is to mobilize the enthusiasm of the students to the greatest extent, and the students take the initiative to accept, so the memory will be very profound.

5. Use related words to increase vocabulary. You can associate synonyms, antonyms, or words on the same topic.

For example, when teaching a sensory verb, you can put the related words together: I look with my eyes. I listen with my ears. I smell it with my nose.

This method can refresh old knowledge, warm up new knowledge, broaden the knowledge of students, and improve students' ability to use language.

However, it is worth noting that in this process, we cannot blindly pursue the expansion of knowledge, regardless of the students' ability to accept and instill all relevant vocabulary into students. The result of this increases the students’ burden and makes them lose interest in learning.

6. English interpretation. This method is relatively straightforward, but it should not be frequently used for two reasons: This method is relatively straightforward, but it should be avoided frequently for two reasons: first, excessive use will make students dependent on English; second, there are few completely equivalent words in the two languages, and the interpretation method is easy to make students have a biased understanding of basic Chinese vocabulary.
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How to Do a Good Job in Teaching Chinese Vocabulary as a Foreign Language (2)