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Common questions for beginners in Chinese

Before learning Chinese, many people often have many questions:

  1. Is Chinese widely used?

Chinese is the language used in China. In addition to mainland China, it is also used in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, Singapore, Malaysia and other regions and countries. It is also widely used in overseas Chinese. That is to say, if the population of mainland China is 1.4 billion and that of overseas Chinese is 200 million, a total of 1.6 billion people use Chinese. It accounts for about one third of the world's population. It's a huge number.

1.Is Chinese characters used in Chinese?

Yes, the Chinese are all composed of all Chinese characters. In mainland China, simplified Chinese characters are used, that is, simpler Chinese characters; in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, more traditional Chinese characters are used, that is, more complex Chinese characters.

2.Is there a dialect in Chinese?

There are many different dialects in Chinese. According to the regional division, it can be divided into seven dialect areas. Generally speaking, it is divided into northern dialect and southern dialect. On the basis of these two dialects, they are also divided according to different regions. China is a multi-ethnic country, including not only dialects, but also minority languages, which brings a lot of troubles to international friends who do not understand Chinese. But now the promotion of Putonghua is very popular, so you can speak Putonghua everywhere.

3.How to read Chinese characters?

Each Chinese character has its own Pinyin. Some Chinese characters correspond to two or more Pinyin, which is called "polyphony". Every Chinese character generally means something. This is also one of the difficulties in Chinese learning.

4.What are the four tones?

As mentioned above, each Chinese character corresponds to at least one Pinyin, but one pinyin can correspond to multiple Chinese characters. At this time, we need to use four tones to distinguish them. Therefore, as for the same Pinyin, four different tones correspond to different Chinese characters.

5.How to learn Chinese quickly?

In short, first of all, you should guarantee the study time. On this basis, you should memorize words and grammar. At the same time, it should be noted that if conditions permit, you should try to contact Chinese as much as possible, or make friends with Chinese people. In this way, there will be greater improvement in Chinese.


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Common questions for beginners in Chinese