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Chinese Compulsory Course of the United World College

In fact, the IBDP syllabus clearly defines the mother tongue policy and believes that learning the mother tongue is very necessary. Students are responsible for learning and inheriting the cultural heritage of their country, so each student must have a native language course.

In other international schools, the other four university groups outside the first and second language groups are often given special attention. However, at UWC Changshu that is learn chinese school , a special condition has been put forward for the students who enrolled, that is, every student must take a Chinese course – one of the six IBDP subjects.

The Chinese Department of the learn chinese school is equipped with the most complete faculty, and is fully open and covers all levels of Chinese and Chinese courses to meet the learning needs of different groups of students. For example, there are Chinese literature courses and Chinese language and literature courses open for Chinese native speakers; there are Chinese B courses for students who have studied Chinese for three to five years, and the largest group is a Chinese beginner course for foreign students from zero bases in dozens of different countries and regions.

After seeing more Chinese children who speak fluent English, when I saw that the foreign students in the UWC Changshu campus were fluent in Chinese, I couldn’t help but secretly ask Teacher Li why. Teacher Li said: "Overseas students are selected to come to UWC schools in mainland China according to their willingness to apply. They must be interested in China and want to study China and want to know more about China."

“If you want to know a country and understand another culture that is very different from your own cultural experience and cultural traditions, language is an important tool and medium. Only through the language bridge can you reach and see the scenery across the river. Otherwise, even if you have been there, what you see is not real, because you lack a tool that can communicate and can be used to understand the inside. You can only observe it indirectly and on the surface. Just like reading a translation, it is definitely not the same as reading the original."

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Chinese Compulsory Course of the United World College