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Characteristics Of One To One Chinese

In the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language, sometimes it may be one to one Chinese teaching. I would like to share my accumulated experience of one to one Chinese as a foreign language in Xi 'an hanmei Chinese international Chinese teacher examination and training center.

The one to one Chinese as a foreign language has its own characteristics. It should pay full attention to the individual differences of students, such as age, personality, knowledge background and nationality. Adjust measures according to circumstances and see the same in difference and difference in the same of the learning students. Although the individual differences of students are obvious, there are some common laws in language learning. Finding out these laws can guide their learning more effectively.

One to one students usually learn Chinese not for the superficial motivation of exams, but for the deep motivation of being attracted by Chinese culture. They share a common feeling that Chinese characters are difficult. However, the most important thing is that only when Chinese characters are different from others can it feels like learning a foreign language, which is a brand new experience and challenge. To integrate relevant Chinese cultural background knowledge into language teaching, not only we need to introduce the traditional excellent Chinese culture, but also to show the features of contemporary China. It is the key for Chinese language to become global and the key for Chinese culture to spread abroad.
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Characteristics Of One To One Chinese