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Attractions in Kunming

Green Lake Park: the paradise of red-billed gulls

Green Lake Park is located in the north of Kunming city under Lo Feng Mountain, opposite the front gate of Yunnan University. It is one of the most beautiful parks.

Enjoy gulls from November to February: red-billed gulls from Siberia begin to spend winter in the park after November and do not leave until February.

The paradise of the red-billed gulls: what do tens of thousands of red-billed gulls mean? A lot of places in the city have them, especially the Green Lake, the Haigeng Dam.

Impression of Yunnan reproduces the image of Yunnan in the mind of artist Yang Liping. It integrates and reconstructs the essence of original local songs,dances and the classic folk dance, showing the rich ethnic customs. 70% of the actors are from ethnic minorities in Yunnan, absolutely authentic, and the costumes are restored to the life prototypes of the folk costumes of various ethnic groups in Yunnan.

Yunnan University is one of the first batch of universities in southwest China. Founded in 1922, Yunnan University is one of the earliest universities in southwest China. After entering the campus from the south gate, there are 95 steps, implying the meaning of “the royal prerogative”. After climbing 95 steps, you will come to Huize Yuan. With red bricks high wall and white Roman columns, this building has strong European style which makes the campus more beautiful. Walk on the Ginkgo Road from Wenyuan Building to Huize Yuan, you will see luxuriant ginkgo trees, and your eyes will be full of bright gold, this place is one of the most beautiful scenery in the campus.

Golden Horse Green Jade Chicken Lane: a 400-year historical landmark of Kunming.

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Attractions in Kunming