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Advantages of Group Chinese Lessons

Group chinese lessons have the following advantages:
First, a teacher can teach many students at the same time, expanding the educational energy of individual teachers and helping to improve teaching efficiency.

Second, taking the “class” as the teaching activity unit, the students can learn gradually and systematically.

Third, teachers design, organize and attend classes. The teacher's systematic lectures and other methods are beneficial to play the leading role of teachers.

Fourth, a fixed class size and a unified time unit are conducive to the school to rationally arrange the content and progress of each subject teaching and strengthen teaching management, so as to win the high speed of teaching.

Fifth, in the class group, students can communicate with teachers and classmates in a multi-directional way, influence each other, inspire each other and promote each other, thereby increasing the source of information or the source of educational influence.

Sixth, group activities and exchanges within the class are conducive to forming students' mutual support and friendship, fair competition and collectivism, and are conducive to the formation of other healthy personality qualities of students.

Seventh, it is conducive to cultivating talents in a cost-effective and large-scale manner.

Eighth, it is conducive to improving learning efficiency, and is conducive to students' mutual encouragement and mobilization of students' enthusiasm.

The five requirements of the group chinese lessons: there should be certain goals; the whole class will do the same homework at the same time; each class has a fixed textbook; each subject is taught together with related matters; the teaching should keep the students' attention.

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Advantages of Group Chinese Lessons