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Adult Chinese Learning Skills

The importance of Chinese learning today should be overemphasized. Therefore, the time for foreign children to start a Chinese class is advanced from the fourth grade of the primary school to the kindergarten. There are more and more legends about how Chinese skills can help you gain a career advantage. Nowadays, the “Chinese Proficiency Test” seems to have become a standard qualification in the resume that does not need to be explained too much. However, for many people who are about to leave the campus, learning Chinese is still a matter that they need to do in their spare time.

Naturally, for many adults without a Chinese foundation, it is a headache to start learning now. After all, everyone's time and energy are limited. So how do zero-based adults improve their Chinese? There is an English learning method that the chinese language immersion program for adults.

1. Determine the determination to learn Chinese and develop a reasonable learning plan.

The specific learning plan can refer to the planning process recommended by some Chinese textbooks, such as starting with Chinese Pinyin, backing words, and then learning phrases and sentences. Develop a good habit of learning Chinese every day.

2. Pinyin and remember

Pinyin is the basis for learning Chinese. The specific learning method is to collect video and data by collecting pinyin, summarize the classification and pronunciation of pinyin, and lay the foundation for the reading, writing and memory of words.

3. Word memory

Whether it is for zero-based learners or senior Chinese learners, words are the main thread throughout the Chinese language learning. Review is the principle of word learning. The memory and expansion of words is a must for learning English. It is difficult to continue Chinese learning without accumulation.

4. Selection of teaching materials

Chinese learning is a gradual process. Choosing the right materials for you can effectively guide you how to learn, and it is helpful to systematically grasp the use of Chinese words. Using textbooks, through continuous learning and practice, combining knowledge and application is the best way to learn any language and skill.

5. Other ways of learning

After all, the textbooks are things in the textbooks. It is boring for a long time. At this time, you can use other ways to learn English indirectly. For example, look at Chinese film and television works, listen to Chinese songs, read Chinese newspapers, or browse Chinese websites. While cultivating the sense of language, you can relax and relax, and you will not be able to give up because of the boring textbook.

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Adult Chinese Learning Skills