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More and More Foreigners are Learning Chinese Culture

"A single flower does not make spring; while one hundred flowers in full blossom bring spring to the garden." The diversity of Asian civilizations is inseparable from exchange and mutual learning among civilizations, and chinese with its characters has become one of the important carriers of exchange and mutual learning of civilizations.

"Peaches and plums do not talk; yet a path is formed beneath them." At the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations, "the global influence of Asian civilizations" was a major topic. In the eyes of a group of foreigners, we see the attraction of Chinese culture.

In China, there is a video production team composed of a group of Chinese and foreign youths who call themselves "Wai Guo Ren". They have taken a new idea to record stories of foreigners in China and shown world the charm of China in the eyes of "Lao Wai".

With the development of Asian countries, the long-standing Asian civilizations and unique cultural cores that distinguish Asia from the west glow with new vitality. Forty-four million square kilometers, 47 countries and regions, nearly a thousand ethnic groups and races, 2,400 languages accumulate and fuse here.

The earliest words, the earliest iron and the earliest pottery all came from Asia. From the earliest mathematical formula, the invention of Arabic numerals to the four great inventions of China, all these are the contributions of Asian civilizations to the world.

Each Asian civilization is endowed with its own unique wisdom. The beauty of Asian civilizations lies in its shared beauty and harmony in diversity.

In the course of development for thousands of years, the people of Asia have created brilliant civilizations. At present, "the Belt and Road", "Two Corridors; One Economic Belt" and "Eurasian Economic Union" have expanded the channels of exchange and mutual learning among civilizations. Asian civilizations have also grown stronger through exchange and mutual learning within themselves and with other civilizations.

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More and More Foreigners are Learning Chinese Culture