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Learning Chinese Should Pay Attention to Systematization

In recent years, with the rapid development of China, more and more foreigners come to China. Generally speaking, foreigners come to China for two reasons: first, they come to China for purely personal interests; second, they are sent by companies to work in China. In view of these two ways, foreigners have different needs for Chinese learning.

So, for foreigners who have been working in China for a long time but do not want to study Chinese in the school system, systematization is very important. Why?

You can recall how you learned your mother tongue. No newborn baby is able to speak when born. But parents are around us, talking to us every day, and we will imitate them curiously. Yes, people who speak any language begin with listening and eventually master the language through a lot of imitation.

However, this is a case of learning one's mother tongue. For a foreigner who already has a mature language system of his own, it is impossible to master a foreign language completely by mere imitation. Because they will be influenced by their mother tongue at any time, they simply cannot imitate completely purely. They will think, why do you say so at this time? Why can't you say that? Even if they try hard to imitate, they will still be influenced by their mother tongue and make more or less mistakes, which their Chinese friends will not point out for them. However, professional teachers can start from the basic aspects of pronunciation and language construction, explain them in detail and professionally, and combine them with a lot of practice , so that foreigners who have basic chinese lessons can master a foreign language quickly and correctly.

Foreigners who come to work in China should find the best chinese language school to learn Chinese systematically in order to work and live better. It is very important to have a good start when beginning a foreign language. If they are exposed to incorrect statements at the beginning, such errors may haunt them for a long time.

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Learning Chinese Should Pay Attention to Systematization