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How to Write Chinese Characters Well in a Short Time

The practice of calligraphy is the same as the practice of kung fu. It is the most efficient calligraphy practice to first practice the most basic, then practice the basic combination, and finally practice the application.

Don't draw characters or practice writing according to the copybook, or practice Tang and Song poetry as soon as you start learning. That misses the key. What is the key to practicing calligraphy? Basic strokes, the way to draw, structure and speed. Practicing Tang and Song poetry as soon as you start is not only inefficient, but also undermines your confidence in writing Chinese characters well.

Specifically speaking, practicing Chinese characters is divided into four steps:
The first stage: basic strokes. Practice the basic strokes of "point, horizontal, vertical, left, right, hook, fold" every day and practice them repeatedly. When practicing basic strokes, attention should be paid to starting, moving and closing the strokes. The horizontal strokes should be even and vertical ones should be upright,and both of them should be powerful. When you can write skillfully, remember that the edge should be hidden. Every day, keep practicing until the hands get sour and you are proficient with these basic strokes.

The second stage: basic strokes+simple structure. Repeatedly practiced the several simple words corresponding to each stroke until the strokes are written powerfully, beautiful and skillfully. Don't practice too many different words at this stage, but focus on several words and practice the ones you are not satisfied with again and again .

The third stage: structure. There are words with structures like up and down, left and right, up and down, left and right, up and down, left and right, left and right, up and down, semi-enclosed, three-enclosed, full-enclosed and so on. Keep practicing words that you can’t write well until written satisfyingly.

The fourth stage: style. When practicing calligraphy from regular script to official script, then to running script and cursive script, if you start practicing from running script and cursive script, you often take many detours. Following the copybook to practice writing, it is better not to draw on the description, which can only get the structure, not the meaning and force of the writing. You should copy the characters by writing by yourself until you are satisfied, while watching the characters.

People's patience is limited. It is best to practice hard-written characters before learning calligraphy. If practicing calligraphy first and then hard calligraphy, it will take too much time and will kill one's will.

According to the time schedule, practicing Chinese characters for 20-60 minutes every day. Using the above methods,  progress will be made every day, and it won't be long before the characters become elegant.

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How to Write Chinese Characters Well in a Short Time