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How to Choose Effective Chinese Learning Methods

I believe that Chinese teachers often say a word, "learning requires persistence". This persistence is actually a kind of character. Compared with those who fish for three days and bask the net for two days(a Chinese old saying describes one without persistence), those who can stick to it must be able to master a language better.

Learning Chinese cannot be done quickly. Therefore, for those who cannot stick to it, "how can we stick to it" has become a difficulty in learning Chinese.

I suggest that such people can first try to find out the reason why they cannot continue studying. For example, they don't like learning Chinese with textbooks, which are too rigid; without apparent progress, they lose the motivation to learn; learning purpose is not clear, etc. First, find out the reason why you can't continue to learn. This is the first step that you can continue to learn for a long time.

The second step we have to take is to find a suitable learning method. This learning method stresses "harmony". I believe everyone has such experience that we will be very happy with those who get along well with us. On the other hand, we will be uncomfortable with those who don't. Similar phenomena exist in the methods of learning Chinese.

Even if it is a very effective learning method, it is also useless if it does not suitable for oneself, and it will reduce the learning effect. If you feel that your current learning method is not suitable for you, please stop this method as soon as possible and find a more suitable method. Otherwise, there will be various drawbacks, such as reduced concentration and easy fatigue leading to shorter learning time, etc.

For example, some students clearly know dictation is very helpful to their study, but they like dictation the least. However, he can accept other exercises, such as following reading, fast reading and so on, particularly interesting. He could do these exercises for more than 2 hours.

In addition, even if we use the same learning method, we can adapt it to us by adjusting the length and intensity of practice. For example, reduce the number and frequency of dictation; slow down the speed of reading and so on. But if you still don't like the adjustment, then find another way to practice.

To sum up, the way to design Chinese learning is just like our diet, which is also to take in nutrition. If you don't like green pepper, eat mushroom! We should try our best to choose the food we like to eat and use the eating method we like to process. The same is true for studying Chinese. We have to choose the best learning method for ourselves, so that we can learn more efficiently and for a long time.

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How to Choose Effective Chinese Learning Methods