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How Do Chinese Learners Say Goodbye to Strange Tones

Many international Chinese learners (non-Chinese native speakers) have some special accents. Why is it?

Language is a communication tool. In terms of communication, vocabulary is the most important part, because it runs through the whole. If a Chinese learner is not a professional translator, or does not engage in communication, then his tone of speech is not so important.

How to speak authentic Chinese?
Many Chinese learners also want to speak authentic Chinese. Chinese is a tonal language, with emphasis on roundness. And the native language of many people in other countries has no tone. So for them, it is almost impossible to pronounce each key value accurately. There are ways to make the pronunciation better.

When learning the phonetic part of a language, don’t force yourself to speak it precisely at once, as this will easily increase your psychological burden. Learning language sense is really important, and the sources of language sense can be divided into these ways:

① Go to China to be influenced by what one constantly sees and hears. It's as if the child has been immersed in that environment since he was a child. This is why many people have to go to that country to study language, because this method is the fastest and practical.

② Chat with native speakers. Of course, this can only be done after a certain level. Chatting is the most effective way to learn a language, because only at this moment, the language you speak is alive and time-sensitive.

③ Improve listening ability. For students studying languages in their own country, it is best to listen more. It is very important to understand first, even if your answer has a grammatical error, the vocabulary cannot be fully expressed. But as long as you understand, it will not hinder communication to a certain extent.

Some people may refute: Is the phonetic rules of Chinese not important? Of course not. In fact, the essence of Chinese phonetic rules lies in fineness, not in quantity. You can easily read Chinese by learning Chinese phonetic alphabet. Beginners just need to remember some basic spelling rules and tones. However, to speak authentic Chinese fluently, you must first master basic listening skills!

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How Do Chinese Learners Say Goodbye to Strange Tones