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Having Learned Chinese But Not Be Able to Speak Chinese?

More and more foreigners take pride in learning Chinese, but if they learn Chinese, does it mean they can really speak Chinese language?

After learning Chinese, it is also skillful to use it, that is, pragmatics. It can be understood as a way of speaking that does not cause resentment to the others.

This is very difficult for many foreigners even with intermediate or higher Chinese proficiency, such as these groups:
(1) The people who can communicate fluently, usually not causing the listener's disgust, in common and basic occasions.
(2) Those who have a problem with rhetoric.
(3) Everyone has different problems of language and culture knowledge.

It is very difficult for such foreigners to say what is suitable for the scene in difficult dialogue. Therefore, in many cases, it may arouse the resentment of the hearers and even make them angry. This is because there are cultural differences between different countries, so if you cannot understand the meaning of words well and are not familiar with Chinese culture, it is likely to make pragmatic mistakes.

Therefore, when learning Chinese, one must remember to carefully learn the meaning of each Chinese word and distinguish the differences between these words in Chinese and in one's own mother tongue. When using, try to avoid problems like the above.

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Having Learned Chinese But Not Be Able to Speak Chinese?